October 16th, 2013

When using samples in your music productions, whether they be drum, music or vocal, always make sure you use samples that have the same bit rate as your session. This way, no audio conversions are taking place to convert files from 16 bit to 24 bit, or vise versa. The rule to go by is the less conversions, the better the sound. Each DAW’s software uses different math algorithms to convert your files, and the math is never finite. Usually the converters of these DAW’s will round the math of an audio file to a certain amount of decimal places, like 10 to 100 decimal places. The high end DAW’s will round the math to a higher decimal value, say 500 decimal places. Top end mastering studios converters can round to millions of decimal places. By using samples that are the same bit rate as your session, your sounds will sound a little bigger, warmer, and less digital because they are not going through any kind of conversion process until the end of the mix and mastering process. This will lead to a better sounding end product as a result that will translate more honestly across any speaker it plays out of.



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